The Program: RefugeeStartUp

Social Impact Lab Munich

  • Qualification

    We support entrepreneurs with a past history as refugees during the start and formation phase. This is done by providing a work station in a coworking community, various training and workshops, as well as diverse contacts. You can find out more about the program RefugeeStartUp here.

  • Community

    Our new lab in South Germany will be a hotspot for refugee entrepreneurs. We want to make a difference and support all those who have recently arrived in our society and who would like to become self-employed.

  • Events

    Events, conferences, seminars, or workshops – regular events will take place at Social Impact Lab Munich focused on both the topic of general entrepreneurship, as well as specifically focused on special support for start-ups by people with a refugee background. Get to know our start-up community and become a part of it yourself!

The Program: RefugeeStartUp

  • Our start-up program RefugeeStartUp supports people with a refugee background during the start and growth phase of their self-employment. They are supported in the further development of a business idea, as well as the concrete development of a start-up strategy with necessary qualifications and coaching. The goal of the program is to support refugees in their new home towards receiving a personal income through self-employment, and through this towards becoming an important part of German society.